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There's more to becoming a lawyer than just going to law school. Before you can practice, you have to do your articles, which is like an internship for lawyers, and you also have to pass the bar exam, which most lawyers will tell you is the most difficult part of becoming a lawyer. The bar exam is different depending on where you live and where you want to be licensed to practice law. If you want to pass, there are many steps that you will have to take to ensure you know enough. If you don't, you could be waiting around for six months for another crack at the test.

The bar exam in California is a little different from bar exams in other states. In addition to the Multi-state Bar Examination questions, there are also six essay questions and performance tests that total three hours in length. You can't take any of the parts separately, so if you fail one portion of the bar you fail the entire bar. You also cannot transfer your scores from any other state. This is what makes the bar so difficult to pass. Though the questions on the bar change every iteration, the content of the bar, which is to say the local laws that are its basis, rarely change.

Law school regulation information

Many young lawyers assume that their law school training has adequately prepared them to take the bar exam, but this is not necessarily the case. Most law schools do not teach the local law knowledge required to become licensed in any particular state because they have no way of knowing where their students might end up after they graduate. Therefore to supplement your knowledge you should take it upon yourself to thoroughly review the laws specific to the state in which you intent to take the bar and later practice law.

Obviously memorizing the entire law register is not feasible and it can be difficult for people who have never tried to take the bar exam before to know where to start with their preparations. Many find it helps to take California bar review courses, which are taught by people who have experience taking the bar and know which types of questions are likely to show up on it. These courses may also include practice bar exams to you can find out before taking the actual bar if your essay writing and performance skills are up to snuff.

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