If you're not someone who knows how to sign than you might think that it would be pretty difficult to communicate with someone who cannot hear. But, the truth is that one of the ways that many of us tell others how we are feeling is through our body language and facial expressions. It can be completely involuntary to show expression on your face. You might hear that you have been promoted and instantly break into a smile without even thinking of it. Or, you could choose to form a facial expression to help get a point across or to convey a non-verbal message.

The most important part of using a facial expression to communicate is in using the eyes. Your eyes and one of the main ways that you show how you're feeling and what you're thinking about. This does not necessary mean that you're communicating with eye contact with another person. You might be sitting across the table from someone and know that they are sad from there eyes. It could also reveal that they are nervous is they are avoiding eye contact or blinking more than normal.

If you're wondering how important seeing someone's face is to communication than you only need to think about all of the technologies that we use today that allow us to message and speak to others without seeing them. While you might be able to do everything from make an appointment to break up with a boyfriend over the phone or computer, something is definitely lost when taking out that visual element. Facial expression helps us decipher a person's true intentions when they are speaking. You might be able to tell that they are joking versus being serious and how they feel about the things that they are saying.

In terms of communicating with the hearing impaired, it is important to try to keep your facial expressions as true as possible. While you might not show a lot of expression, you might want to show a little more when talking to a friend who has some difficulties hearing. Adding a visual element to your communications is always going to make things a little bit easier. You can say a lot with just one face. You can see that in photographs or posters.

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