Mathews Dinsdale

Mathews Dinsdale

When you're looking for a law firm there are going to be several things on your list of what you want it to be. Those interested in hiring representation to help them with workplace law issues should check out With three locations in Toronto, Sarnia and Sault Ste. Marie, Mathews Dinsdale have more than twenty lawyers that are offering extensive experience, expertise, and a commitment to getting their clients everything that they need in terms of legal help. Mathews Dinsdale will certainly allow to cross many things off of your wish list when it comes to legal help.

Some of the cases represented by Mathews Dinsdale have been presented before the Ontario Labour Relations Board, the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, and the Canada Industrial Relations Board, to name a few. Being in business for five decades has allowed Mathews Dinsdale to learn about the law in relation to discrimination suits, safety and health matters, and various federal and provincial boards and tribunals. They are able to advise and serve their clients on issues relating to human resource policies, labour relations, and collective bargaining.

You will find many different law firms in the Toronto area that are willing to represent you on workplace law issues, but there are few that really specialize in this sector. The people at Mathews Dinsdale have worked in everything from employment contracts, to injunctions, to wrongful dismissal actions in both the private and the public sector. Some of their past and current clients include those working in energy, telecommunications, tourism, and provincial government ministries, to name a few. Their staff is working in their three offices in downtown Toronto, Sarnia, and Sault Ste Marie.

One of the things that makes the people at Mathews Dinsdale passionate about workplace and labour law is that it is ever-changing and affects those living here and those across the world. If you want to browse the sort of cases that the firm has handled recently than you can certainly do so at their website, Here, you can find out about their publications and resources on the topic of workplace law and can learn about their many programs dealing with training the current and next generation of great lawyers. One way that they are committing to working with young minds is through their student program. This runs in the summer and throughout the year for those that are thinking of going into Labour and Workplace Law.

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  1. Mathews Dinsdale law firm web site at
  2. Mathews Dinsdale believes you mst be up to date on technology within your industry and use social media including Facebook.
  3. The Canadian Lawyer magazine states that Mathews Dinsdale is 1 of the top 10 boutique law firms in the whole of Canada.
  4. shows Mathews Dinsdale's expertise and has a complete list of their lawyers, along with the year they were called to the bar.
  5. The Mathews, Dinsdale & Clark Labour Arbitration Competition is sponsored by Mathews Dinsdale
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